Microbiological purification (cleaning) – with the power of nature

Produced for both, private and industrial use, BIODOR Fresh´s universal cleaning power covers a multitude of applications.


  • Universal cleaning product for private and industrial use
  • Effectively eliminates the source of odors
  • Prevents odors from reoccurring
  • Significantly increases hygiene level
  • Cleans and permanentley removes odors with the help of microorganisms
  • Completely harmless to people and the environment
  •   100% biodegradable

BIODOR Fresh – That´s how it works


  • Shake well before using
  • Apply directly to the affected area (either wet cleaning or spraying) and let it dry
  • Do not rinse with water afterwards

For Daily Maintenance:

  • Mixture ratio:  1:20 up to 1:50
  • Or 100 ml to 200 ml per 5 l of water

For Extreme Circumstances:

  • Mixture ratio:  1:10
  • Or 100 ml per 1 l of water

When Spraying:

  • Mixture ratio:  1:10
  • Or 100 ml per 1 l of water

Caution: Do not use chlorine-based products or acidic cleaners in addition to BIODOR Fresh



Microbiological Cleaner & Odor Remover


1 l Bottle

Art. No. 66001


Microbiological Cleaner & Odor Remover


10 l Canister

Art. No. 66010


Microbiological Cleaner & Odor Remover


750ml Spray Bottle

Art. No. 66007


Pump Spray Bottle 1 l, empty

For BIODOR Fresh

With dosage set points

Pump Spray Bottle

Art. No. 88302


Spray Bottle 600 ml, empty


With dosage set points

Spray Bottle

Art. No. 86008

Field of application

Anywhere inside…

  • Sanitary facilities
  • Shower, toilet, sink
  • Drain
  • Hallway
  • Staircase
  • Basement
  • Attic

… and outside your house:

  • House front
  • Light shaft
  • Pedestrian underpass
  • Wooden fence
  •   Garbage can

Sport and Activities:

  • Sport apparel, Running shoes
  • Wet suit, Wake & Kite Boots
  • Protectors, Helmets, Shoulder pads, Knee pads
  • Motorcycle clothing, Boots and Helmet


  • Carpets, couches, curtains
  • Pillows, cushions, towels
  • Clothing
  • Work clothes
  • Shoes

Waste disposal:

  • Garbage cans
  • Waste containers
  • Organic waste bin
  • Waste chutes

For extreme cases:

  • Hoarder apartments
  • Urin and feces contaminated rooms